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SOPDAP AI Announces Listing on MEXC Exchange

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21st August 2023 — SOPDAP AI, a cutting-edge platform seamlessly merging AI and blockchain, is thrilled to announce its upcoming utility token listing on MEXC, a Tier 1 cryptocurrency exchange renowned for its global reach and robust trading infrastructure. The listing, scheduled for August 25, 2023, marks a significant milestone for SOPDAP AI as it takes a bold step towards revolutionizing industries through advanced technology integration.

SOPDAP AI’s utility token, SDP, has been meticulously designed to empower users within the ecosystem, providing access to premium features on the AI-driven platform while unlocking new possibilities for content generation, contract Audit, privacy, and security. With a total supply of 3 billion SDP tokens and a dynamic tokenomics structure, including a 5-year vesting schedule and allocation for the Ecosystem, Utility, Treasury/Reserved, Marketing, Investors, and Future employees (teams), Legal and Advisory, etc.SDP embodies a balanced and sustainable growth model.

The journey doesn’t end with the listing; it’s just the beginning. SOPDAP AI is committed to building a thriving community of enthusiasts, investors, and traders. To mark this transformative moment, an airdrop launchpad is live on MEXC, offering participants a chance to engage and hold a minimum of 1000 MX tokens in their MEXCer wallet address. This strategic collaboration reflects SOPDAP AI’s dedication to fostering a robust ecosystem while introducing the platform to a wider audience.

“Combining AI and blockchain is the future, and we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this innovation,” says Oladapo Adesope Adeyefa, CEO of SOPDAP AI. “Our partnership with MEXC further solidifies our commitment to providing value to our community, enhancing user experiences, and driving the adoption of emerging technologies.”

SOPDAP AI’s success story is intertwined with key partnerships contributing to its growth and development. Collaborations with ICG Trading, Web3PORT, 4AM Marketing Agency, and Xholders Capitalist underscore the project’s credibility and ambition, creating a strong foundation for its journey ahead.

For more information about SOPDAP AI, its groundbreaking platform, and its partnership-driven approach, visit Detailed insights can be found in the whitepaper. Stay connected with us on Twitter and Telegram.

As the countdown to the listing on MEXC begins, SOPDAP AI invites enthusiasts, investors, and traders to join the movement and embark on a journey that brings AI and blockchain integration to new heights.


SOPDAP AI is a revolutionary platform that harnesses the power of AI and blockchain to redefine industries. SOPDAP AI offers advanced solutions in content generation, privacy, security, and more by seamlessly integrating these technologies. SDP’s utility token plays a pivotal role in enabling users to access premium features and participate in the evolution of AI-driven innovation.

Press Contact:

Oladapo Adesope, ADEYEFA


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